Where it All Started

This is the post excerpt.

On January 22, 2016 we were told the most shocking news ever!! “Mr. and Mrs. Hartmann, I see FOUR babies!” I literally thought my husband was going to fall out of his chair! We had been trying to have a baby for a year and a half and were unsuccessful up until this day. I had taken a pregnancy test on December 16th because I just knew I was pregnant. We went to the doctors on January 4th to confirm the pregnancy. As I was laying there I couldn’t see the ultrasound screen but my husband could. Mind you, he is a first-time dad, so he had no idea what he was looking at on the screen. The nurse started my ultrasound. She quickly paused, stood up and asked me who my doctor was and ran out of the room! I asked my husband, “What’s on the screen!? What do you see?” His response was, “I don’t know; all I see are a bunch of black sacks!” My first thought was “OH MY GOD!” The doctor entered the room, shaking her head saying “Oh my god Mrs. Hartmann!” Of course I’m freaking out because I cannot see the screen and still don’t know what is going on. So the doctor resumes with my ultrasound and as she is looking over the screen I see her counting..1,2,3,4…5,..6 OH MY GOD 6!!! Mrs. Hartmann you have 6 heart beats!!!!” Obviously, my husband and I left so scared and confused. The following week we went to a specialist to have the babies checked. At that time the doctor only saw 5 so we assumed one had passed. The next doctors visit we were told 3 babies..so another 2 babies had passed. We were just starting to accept the passing of 3 babies and that we were going to have triplets. Then when we went for our final visit with the specialist that’s when the news came.. At first he started the ultrasound and confirmed all three baby girls were growing perfectly. Then he kept going up and down with the ultrasound stick on my stomach. I finally asked him “What are you doing?” His response “Well, Mrs. Hartmann, I think we miscalculated, and it looks like you’re having QUADRUPLETS– 3 girls and 1 boy!” This is where our crazy, scary, and exciting journey all started!!


Spooktacular 4 Months!!

We made it! Hello 4 months! Lots of crazy Ness to get here but we did! We celebrated our first Halloween too! You know that sayin “it’s gone in a blink of an eye” it’s true!.. Our girl Kaitlyn finally got her Gtube removed! Hallelujah! Christopher is getting huge! I swear he grew into a toddler over night. Miss Nicole is getting bigger by the day. Jasmine our little peanut has finally graduated to 3 month clothes! And last but not least big brother started first grade.

Making Space For The Quads

We currently live in a small cute and cozy 3 bed 1 bathroom home. Our family is not so small anymore so instead of purchasing a new home we have decided to remodel ours. One thing I have learned since having Quads is that you need to save money anywhere and everywhere you can. We are  turning our garage into a master bedroom with a bathroom and remodeling the kitchen to make more cabinet space. Word of advise..Remodel your home before you bring the babies home! It has been nothing but chaos trying to stay here and there with four babies. As you all know construction never goes as planned! One week turns into two weeks. Everyday it’s something new. I will be so happy when it is all said and done and we can go home!

Sleepless Babies

Mimi (my Mom) came last night to do her first over night with me and the babies. Lets just say Mimi ran out the door this morning!! Having Quads can be a little stressful at times and you tend to have a lot of sleepless nights. It started with Kaitlyn being a little fussy, which is nothing new she tends to be my fussy one at times. We finally got her to settle down and Jasmine starts being fussy…So at this point my mom has Jasmine and Kaitlyn in bed with her to try and keep them calm..Before we know it Nicole starts screaming!! Everything just went down hill from there. Needless to say Mimi and I only got about an hour of sleep last night. It’s like they know when one another is upset and they think they have to all be upset. I feel like I have a little chorus at times.

My New Life with Quads

My name is Patricia Hartmann, and my husband and I (and big brother, Shawn, 6) recently welcomed our quadruplets into this world (yes–FOUR babies) on July 1, 2016 in Houston, Texas. While this was definitely a shock, it was also an amazing blessing that has totally changed our lives for the better, although it certainly has its stressful moments. We are very ready and excited to share what this journey holds with our family and friends.